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Downtown Night Outing

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

On the eve of Saturday, Feb 25, 2023, about 13 camera club members participated in a night photography walk downtown Calgary along Stephen Avenue and 7th Avenue. Members were encouraged to take photos that reflects their voice in photography.

The walk began at the golden hour in front of the iconic City Hall (1911), with a westward stroll down Stephen Avenue Mall on 8th Avenue towards Bankers Hall.

As the hour progressed members took photos of the lighting, how the sunset and streetlights bounced off the buildings from different eras in time.

Stephen Avenue history dates back prior to both World Wars and, as far back to the 1800s, to before Alberta’s inclusion into Canada. The Avenue hosts many iconic buildings such as the Hudson Bay Building (1913), integrated with the more modern architecture (such as Bankers Hall (2000), Calgary Tower (1968), TELUS Sky Tower (2019), Bow Towers (2012)), plus a blend of various street art. The mix of time periods as the many buildings joined onto each other across the periods provided many photo opportunities from which club members took advantage of.

Once the Sun sets the street lights provide a chance for long exposure photography with the static infrastructure and city in motion as the group moved eastward from Bankers Hall along 7th Avenue. The evening ended with long exposures of the LRT transit, Telus Sky Tower, Bow Valley Towers, the Calgary towers, and other various sights amongst coffee.

With about 11000 plus steps completed, the evening wrapped up with an impromptu social coffee with outing club members.

The attached photography is a sample from our Club members photographic talent, voice, and creativity.

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