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michael Michaud

I have been taking photographs since the mid 1970s, starting with photographing and developing black and white film prints - to enjoying the outstanding capabilities of today’s digital photography and printing phenomena.  I consider myself a “Generalist Photographer” without a bias towards one particular photography genre – I enjoy all types of photography. 

Mindful of that, this gallery displays the kinds of images, colors and compositions that appeal to me.   They are snippets of scenes I have come across, striking me as interesting in their own right. What do I look for?  This varies from situation to situation.  It might be the mood; it can be a strong graphic element or an odd or humorous juxtaposition; it may simply be strong colors, or their absence. In short, like most photographers on self-assignment, the real question is, “what interests me at the moment, and can an interesting picture be made from this?” 


I hope you find the images pleasing.

1 - CRW_0004 - 2 Guys on Lanyard - M Mic

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