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Landscape / Wildlife

Photography to me, is about capturing a special moment
that can never be repeated. It’s about making memories and being able...

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Sports & Lifestyle / Pictorial

Entering the world of Photography 23 years ago, I was swept into a world of speed and excitement as a  Sports Photographer in the Canadian Super...



Bruce has been a Cochrane Camera Club member for many years.  He is a software developer by day, and an amateur photographer and...


Wildlife / Nature

Jo-Anne has been an avid photographer for many years, this past year she has been inspired by vast range of local wildlife we have...


Fine Art / Abstract

I was born and raised on the prairies of Western Canada. Without the distractions of mountains and oceans, I learned to look at things different...


Still Life / Pictorial

An actuary by profession, Pat is a photographer in his free time.  His photographic interests include landscape, along 


Event / Wildlife / Landscape

Suzan McEvoy’s passion for photographing live events began when she captured World Skills 2009 from inception to stage performance...


Landscape / Wildlife / Travel

I am an Alberta, Canadian based Travel, Outdoor & Landscape photographer. I am an Englishman, having emigrated in 2004 to this...


Landscape / Wildlife

Bachelor of Environmental Studies University of Waterloo
Retired Science teacher, Calgary Board of Education...

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I have been photographing since the mid 1970s, starting with photograings and developing black and white film  prints...


Landscape / Lifestyle

I was born in B.C. on the lower mainland. My family started out farming, then later on we moved to the Merritt area where...

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Wildlife / Architecture / Landscape

For most of my life, I’ve had an interest in photography and capturing those special moments and emotions. Over the years, I've taken a lot of photos with a...

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Wildlife / Rodeo / Travel

Photography has turned into my favorite retirement hobby, which I enjoy together with my wife Beatrice and other like-minded photographers. About 5 years ago...


Landscape / Wildlife

I was interested in photography when I was young, playing around with and learning to develop film. However, life took over and photography fell by the wayside...

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Landscape / Wildlife

Neil is a Canadian, born in Saskatchewan. He has always had a passion for the magic of the camera,
the opportunity it provides to capture those...

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Wildlife / Landscape/ Travel

Living in Cochrane, so close to the mountains, Tony loves to cross-country ski in winter and hike in the summer and you will find galleries on..


Wildlife / Flowers / Travel

I enjoy photography as a hobby, with my husband Finn. About 3 years ago I bought my first high-end camera and a good zoom lens...

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Wildlife / Nature

I have always had a love for nature and wildlife. Since retirement I have taken up photography and have now developed a passion for...

“You don’t take a photograph,
                                you make it.”

Ansel Adams

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