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Barbara bostock

I was born in B.C. on the lower mainland. My family started out farming, then later on we moved to the Merritt area where we started ranching.
This is when i first fell in love with photographing the western life style.


I would take pictures to share with my family and friends. I moved to Alberta in the late 80's. This is where I raised my own family. It has only been in recent years that I picked up a camera again. I found out that I could do the three things that I am passionate about, working cattle, riding and taking photos.


Most of my photos are taken from the back of one of my horses. I love being able to ride, stop and look at the landscape, and see what is coming before it even happens, and catch what I am thinking of. To share it all, to have that image for all to see, and never forget, is my greatest reward.


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