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tom donaghy

When photography was invented, painters cheered:  they saw it as a way of freeing them from the drudgery of commissioned landscapes and portraits through which they earned their livings. Photography took over the documentary role and painters could now creatively pursue abstract concepts such as emotions and ideas. The visual art world exploded in new directions–because photography set it free.

How could they realize that photography was just as capable of pursuing those esoteric subjects?  That fascinates me.  I have progressed through most photographic styles, often copying others work, attempts at technical perfection, and am finally discovering my own way of seeing things.  The human mind is what sees the image, not the camera which simply records…Photography to me is a highly personal expression of myself, no longer simply a record of events and places (although I do a lot of that too).  I’d like to contribute to the history of photography with my own work, keeping it—

Authentic—no copies allowed!

Current—photography from the Here and Now

Complete—tight thoughtful compositions, properly present

and somewhat Risky…in subject, in technique, in display.


Tom D.


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