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A Day in Kananaskis with Joe Desjardins

On September 20, 11 members of the Club joined award winning photographer, Joe Desjardins, for a very enjoyable Photo Day in Kananaskis. The first location was Troll Falls which is a great spot for a quick hike, fall colours and waterfall shots. Unfortunately, the trail was under construction and we were unable to gain access.

Our next stop was Mount Lorette Ponds and then Wedge Pond where members captured fall colours with water reflections and practised some long exposure photography. After that we backtracked to the field just north of Boundary Ranch and then on to Rock Glacier to try and capture some of the elusive Pikas that make their home there.

We then travelled on to the Mount Engadine Lodge road and went up to the Mount Shark parking area. The group stopped at the meadow at Mount Engadine and finished the night off at Spillway Lake to nature some sunset shots. In addition to the great weather and beautiful autumn landscapes, the members took advantage of Joe’s photographic expertise and learned a lot about composition and photo techniques.

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