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A Ghost Town Tour

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

On Saturday, May 28, 14 members of the Cochrane Camera Club headed out for a photographic tour of the towns of Rowley and Big Valley and a few stops for abandoned architecture in between. The weather was ideal with a bright blue sky and large white clouds.

Rowley provided us with vintage town and farm buildings, grain elevators and a restored railway station.

In Big Valley, the Historical Society gave us an exclusive tour of the McAllister Garage Museum and Vintage Cars, the restored grain elevator, the remarkable Tool Museum and the St. Edmunds “Blue” Church. We also had access to the ruins of the former railway roundhouse and maintenance buildings as well as the 1914 town jail, vintage farm equipment and restored railway station.

It was a long day but we had some excellent photo opportunities and enjoyed learning about the history of these once thriving prairie towns and the deserted homesteads along the way.

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