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Calgary Nightscapes

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Nightscapes – Oct 30th, 2020

We had a great evening photographing three bridges and the downtown core of Calgary. There were 12 that joined in the fun for an amazing evening. We had perfect weather conditions, right down to a full moon over the Peace Bridge.

We started the evening at the Peace Bridge waiting for the “Halloween Blue Moon” to rise. We were a little concerned about the cloud cover, but true to Calgary’s weather, the clouds gave us a little break just in time to capture the moon over the bridge. We had many folks stop by and ask why there were so many photographers set up. It was fun to share our passion with so many bystanders.

We left the Peace Bridge and went to capture some images around the Center Street Bridge. It was great to see our group move off into many directions, each one looking to capture a different perspective of the bridge as well as the building, river and traffic patterns.

Our next stop was the St. Patrick’s Bridge in the east village. There were so many options here to photograph. The lighting around the river with its blue, green and reds will make for some very interesting images. We also chatted with many young people that were hanging around. They were interested in our group and photography. It is so refreshing to have these conversation with the younger generation. They were so polite and quite interested in our art!

We finished the night on the hill of Rotary Park overlooking the downtown core. Again our group dispersed in every direction. The Calgary Tower was lite up with a beautiful shade of red. The TELUS Sky building was dancing with their “aurora” lights. This is quite a site and if you get a chance to be in downtown Calgary between sunset and 11pm, for the month of November 2020, be sure to take in the site, it really is quite specular.

It was so much fun being together again, sharing our passion of photography.

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