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Great Greys and Wild Ponies outing

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

On Saturday, February 19, about 26 members of the club headed out in pursuit of Grey Grey Owls, Wild Ponies and Rural Landscapes. After leaving our Meeting Point in Cochrane, we travelled up Grand Valley Road to Water Valley and then west to Harold Creek Wildlife Sanctuary.

A few of us got together later at the Water Valley Saloon while others found their way back home down some of the picturesque back roads. While the weather and road conditions cooperated, unfortunately the wildlife did not. While there were several reported sightings of Great Greys south of Water Valley that morning, we were unable to photograph any.

The wild horses at Harold Creek left plenty evidence along the roadways but also did not grace us with their presence. However, being the intrepid group of photographers that we are, we captured many images of landscapes and abandoned farm buildings and equipment along the way. Hopefully, the Great Greys and Wild Ponies will be more cooperative for our members in the future. All in all, it was a good day for members to safely get together in person, renew acquaintances and share their photography experiences.

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