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Light Painting

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

On September 11th, the Cochrane Camera Club hosted Part 2 of the Introduction to Light Painting session. The event was led by Jo-Anne Ouellette who is relatively new to light painting herself. She describes herself as what she lacks in experience, she makes up with her enthusiasm for this new area of photography. Jo-Anne was accompanied by her husband Don who has become fairly proficient at steel wool spinning as well as the chief fabricator of Jo-Anne’s DIY light painting tools. The event was held at the Cochrane Ranch and fortunately the weather was cooperative.

Participants received an introduction to basic light painting techniques, camera settings, location selection, safety considerations and other tips and tricks. Everyone had an opportunity to familiarize themselves with various tools, both purchased and DIY. Most were happy to take photos and a brave few light painted some masterpieces!

The Cochrane Camera Club is looking forward to featuring more photos of light painting on social media. Please remember to tag you photos. Happy light painting!

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