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Sunshine Meadows Outing

We had one of the best turnouts for this outing! 19 folks from the club joined together to explore the Sunshine Meadows on Saturday July 30th. The day started off with a gondola ride up to Sunshine Village. The views from the gondola are never disappointing, and with the clear Alberta blue skies we all knew that we were in for an exceptional day.

The meadows were a wash of colour and the wildflowers were exceptional. The wildflower season this year was a little delayed due to the large amounts of snow, but we all couldn't imagine more variety, colours or simply the lush green of the undergrowth. For a long weekend, we thought that the paths would be very crowded, but we were pleasantly surprised that for most of the time, we would have viewing areas all to ourselves for extended periods of time.

The colour of the wildflowers simply took your breath away...It might have been the sunshine that illuminated the flowers so beautifully or it could have simply been the fact that we were able to get out to enjoy the very best that Mother Nature has to offer!

The landscape views from the Standish viewpoint were simply breathtaking. The blue skies, green forest and odd patches of snow on the distant mountains made for stunning landscape photography.

It was an amazing day that was finished off with lunch and beverages at Mad Trappers...

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