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Sunshine Meadows outing

When we arrived at the base of Sunshine Village, the skies were clear and it looked like we were going to have an incredible day. There were 13 club members who came to enjoy the mountain wildflowers.

The morning was spectacular and the wildflowers around Laryx Lake were especially beautiful. There were so many meadows that were blanketed in colour.

But our day was cut short when a nasty storm blew over the mountains and chased us all back to the village for an earlier than expected lunch. We had some lightning in the area and the folks at Sunshine shut down both the chairlift and the gondola until the storm passed...always safety first. The best thing about the shutdown was being able to have a leisurely lunch.

All in all, it was a great morning, maybe next year we might have a little longer time on the mountains to enjoy the incredible wildflowers.

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